How to Apply Eyeshadow to Look Attractive

Eyes are the most prominent part of our ace and they can change the look of face with the help of makeup. Women visit different sort of markets and shopping centers just to get admiring kits for makeup. Complexion of our body and color of eyes are the most considered key point to get perfect shades for eyes. Beginners stay in touch with makeup because of their routine work just like as school girls try to get dark but attractive eye shades which can prominent their eyes. Glossy look of lips and sharp eye makeup is now considered as the trendiest eye makeup.

Different Eye Shades: Eye shades are of different kinds and girls use multiple colors to get perfect eye shades.  Three colors of eye shades are well thought-out as the best colors. These three colors may be gray, black and white creamy base but you can replace them with your own choice colors just akin to those colors which can suit on your skin color or with the color of your eyes. So, here I am going to explain some points and tricks which will help you to get beautiful eye – shadow and you will acknowledge about how to apply eye shadow for attractive look.

Tips and Tricks to Apply Eye Shadow: Given tips will help you to know about all sorts of shadows. Eye shadows for wedding ceremony, eye shadows for formal look, eye shades for beginners and eye shades for casual look. So read the given points to know about beautiful eye shades.

Eye Shades for Wedding Ceremony: Well, we all know that wedding is the most important part of bride’s life. So that’s why she known to much conscious about her wedding day… while getting eye makeup or eye shadow one should completely know about color of eyes and then start toning them according to the requirement. Try to use white creamy base to stick eye shades on your eye for long time. You can use the combination of rainbow colors to getsome sort of ideas about eye shades and I hope that these colors will suit with the color of your wedding dress if you are an Asian bride.

Eye Shades for Beginners: Apply a slightly bulging appearance according to the shape of your eyes. Beginners try to get casual appearance, so that’s why college girls usuallyapply mascara and soft pencil to prominent their eyes. Color which they use to apply on their eyes includes gray color with slight touch of light pink color on the upper end of eyes (just lower to the eyebrows). Shape of eyes is the most important factor to get a real appearance of eyes.

Note: Women with dark skin tones should use light color of eye shades because they will suit on their personality rather than any other else.