How to Make Smokey Eyes For The Beautiful Eyes

Top fashion models have been setting the ramps on fire by their excellent and dramatic smokey eye makeup. But smokey eyes are not just confined to the ramps and red carpets only. Girls in real life hang outs and parties have also started making their eyes smokey. If you also wish to make smokey eyes and do not have sufficient guidelines then you need not to worry now. This article will meticulously guide you about how to make smokey eyes. All you need is just a little bit neatness and some instructions to be followed.

How to Make Smokey Eyes?

Well the answer is simple. You know your eyes are the most accentuating feature of your face. You just need to highlight them by a little dramatic makeup and keeping the rest of the makeup lighter. As I mentioned before that smokey eye have dramatic effect, so you have to opt for some dark colors to create the perfect dramatic effect.

You need to pick a combination of two colors always such as silver – grey, gold – brown, black – silver, brunette – beige, purple – blue, or any such combination if it is in your mind.

Once you have selected the colors. Now prepare your eyes for smokey eye makeup. Apply some foundation and concealer and smudge it well.

Aft preparing the eyes, you need to apply eyeliner on upper and lower eyelids. Smokey eye makeup is a little different from other makeups where eye liner application is the finishing touch. But in this makeup it is applied at the first step. But why? You’ll come to know soon.
How to Make Smokey Eyes For The Beautiful Eyes

For starting with the eye shadows, apply the lighter shades first. Apply it on the brow bone and smudge it well with a well-shaped brush. For a perfect party look you may opt for an eye shadow with shimmer.

Once you are done with the lighter eye shadow, now comes the turn for the darer one. You have to be vigilant while applying the dark eye shadow since you have to take care to not to go overboard. Apply it under the eye crease to have perfect dramatic look. Apply it from inner to outer strokes to blend it well with the eye liner. Keep blending until the eyeliner disappears or in other words, blends with the eye shadow.

Now give the finishing touch to your smokey eye by apply perfect mascara on your eye lashes. You may go for colored mascara as well apart from the typical black to add more glam to your dramatic look.

Now you know how to make smokey eyes. Just follow the instructions and enjoy your hang outs with perfect smokey eyes. Just keep in mind that the key to perfectly made smokey eye is to blend the shades well. The rest lies on your own expertise.