Short Hair Styles with Bangs for Women

Everybody loves to adopt new fashion trends and fanaticizes the beauty of latest fashion and styles, whether they are related to dressing, makeup, shoes, watches, bristles or hairstyles. Especially women are fond of changing their hairstyles after a specific time interval and almost for every colorful and important event. Usually women used to prefer streaked hair, curled up styles, wavy hair styles, etc. But now the trend has changed. This is the modern age where people want to express their liberty and freedom so in this regard short hairstyles with bangs are considered to be quite impressive and different.

It is a fact that most of the styles are originated from showbiz through models and hot celebrities. You will find that these days, short hairstyles with bangs are quite common for the celebs and other ordinary women because there is a wide variety of options in such as sort of hairstyles and most of them will make you look awesome such that they’ll suit your personality.

Here are some short hairstyles with bangs:

1) Sassy Layered style with Bangs: This is a very common style in Europe that converts your hair into layers in a specific pattern and then afterwards, bangs are incorporated in order to make it perfect. It’s quite an intriguing style that will surely make you look pretty.

2) Bohemian Bangs Style: This hairstyle closely resembles to a very famous style: Cleopatra style. However, there are certain differences, i.e. this style is applied to long curly hairs, which are at first trimmed up to the shoulders and then later the leading section of the hair is cut and bangs are made just like the ones in Cleopatra style such that these bang cover the eyebrows. Once this is done, the bangs is accessorized using different tools like a sleek band of metal, some rings, etc. This “extra work” is done to make your hair cooler and fantastic.

3) Cleopatra Bangs: Another impressive and beautiful style. Hope so you would have come to know of its “origin” from its name. This style cannot be applied to every woman because it requires some specific specs. Your hair should be short and have a natural curl in them. Only then the hairstylist would be able to create or make a sweeping side bang of your hair. Sweeping side bangs are the most common ones in this style but stylists also recommend other sorts of bangs i.e. asymmetrical and chopping bangs depending upon the nature of your hair. Cleopatra bangs are truly marvelous and will surely make you the “charming lady” of any event.

So this was all about different short hairstyles with bangs. Choose any of these styles to make yourself attractive and good.