Stunning Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

A dramatic and artistic look which mesmerizes other people is the key feature of brown eyes. The beauty of brown eyes is stunning. Brown colored eyes talk dramatically, and anyone will fall in love with these earthy colored eyes. Wow! They aren’t they amazing! Many women who do not have been brown colored eyes die for this special color. This eye color is versatile, and the women with brown eyes are very lucky indeed. When it comes to eye makeup for brown eyes, they are really lucky because a lot of colors suit their eyes, and they can play with a lot of colors to make their eyes look more beautiful.

There are some makeup tips for women with brown colored eyes. There is a huge variety of colors, which can look perfect on your eyes and to name a few, purple, green, browns, bronzes, mochas, gold, taupe, light pink and peaches are all the colors made for you. When you have to choose an eye shadow, choose it carefully keeping in view your skin color, tone and your style. Another important thing is that what type of look and impression you want to have while deciding for eye makeup for brown eyes.

Naturally, your day makeup will be different from your night makeup. If you are going to the office, brighten your eyes with rose family colors such as peach or pink, or caramel or bronze from brown family. Keep your makeup light and you will look great. During any night time party or a special occasion, your eyes must look extra, hot and dramatic. You may use darker shades like mocha or purple to highlight the beauty of your eyes. Blend these shades with neutral shades and make yourself the center of attraction. Remember one thing; tones that are lighter create the elusive look, and darker shades create a dramatic effect. Experiment yourself and find out, which shades suits you the best.

Second thing which makes your eyes more beautiful is eyeliner. Just like eye shadows, there is a whole lot variety in the eye makeup for brown eyes. Eyeliner can make your eyes look big and small. So, be careful while applying the eyeliner and apply, and it according to the shape of your eyes, your makeup theme and the occasion. You can experiment with different colors such as dark blue or navy blue, bronze, golden brown and dark gray. For a natural look, apply less eyeliner and for a dramatic look, apply dark eyeliner with light eye shadow. For example, with peach color eye shadow, you may use hot coffee colored liner and with a light shade of blue, you may use navy blue eyeliner.

Eye makeup for brown eyes is not difficult. You can almost try on anything, and you will be surprised to see that it went on very well with your eyes. So, try out a variety of shades and liners and rock!